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 MSG has ISO 9001:2000 state of the art manufacturing facilities for adhering to quality & system standards.  The  plant was established in the year 2007-08 and is located at Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh (Half an hour drive from  Chandigarh). Being located in Tax Free Industrial Zone, it is entitled to 100% Excise Duty exemption for 10 years,  100% Income Tax exemption for initial 5 years and thereafter 30% in next 5 yrs. The plant has capacity to  manufacture more than 20,000 Electronic Speed Governors per month.

 Product Developed
 MSG has developed following products in last three years and has been able to successfully market the same.
 Speed Governor (Fuel based)
 Speed Governor (Cable Type)
 GPS based Variable Electronic Speed Governor
 Vehicle Tracking System
 Adaptive Speed Governor (Radio Frequency based)
  Further, the product called “Digital Tachograph (Smart Card based)” is under development.

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